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Schoolteacher slapped parents when over scholarship inquiry

Published Date: 08/28/2017


Kapil Dev Mandal, a schoolteacher verbally abused Surya Narayan Khang of Kochabakhari VDC, and slapped. Khang was beaten after he inquired about scholarship scheme meant for Dalit students. Miffed by beating Khang register his complaint at Sakhada Police Office, Chinnamasta. The 45-years old Khang said scholarship fund was already deducted and teacher slapped him when he raised issue of scholarship misuse. However, teacher refused his involvement in slapping Khang and said minor discussion had occurred at the school.
In the aftermath of complaint registration, Police also refused to take up the case. Later, he approached with HRAA Kochabakhari and held discussion. They decided to approach Deputy Superintendent of Police yet again and ask for action against perpetrator. They also summoned perpetrator to appear before the police station. Otherwise, police were not ready to register. Later, he came to police station for hearing of the case and accepted that he made a mistake. They decided to file FIR against him. However, victim shared that he will not be able to go for case, as it needs financial support. That's why, they decided to fine Rs. 1500 as compensation and resolved the case making a mutual understanding in police station.


Dalit community is discriminated in every sector of the society. Even if Dalits are victimized, they are compelled to compromise it. In this case, community people compelled the victims to compromise in taking action against perpetrator threatening of alienating from the society. There is the tendency of resolving all cast-based discrimination related cases in this way from very beginning of Panchayat. Even if they approach Police they will also push for resolving cases through mutual understanding. Despite of various efforts made to hold perpetuator accountable by HRAA Kochabakhari, they were not able to do so. That’s why case was resolved just providing Rs. 1500 as compensation.


HRAAs are active in terms of raising awareness regarding various issues in the community. They have committed to lead any CBSD cases towards justice process and they were successful in case of Surya Narayan. However, as usual case was resolved through mutual understanding in the police. They were not able to take further action against perpetrator due to societal pressure.


Despite of various activities conducted to check CBSD, there is still lack of sense of non- discrimination in the community. Pressures mounted from society always hampers justice delivery process.