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Two years of bad relationship turned to happy family community

Published Date: 08/28/2017


Sanita Chaudhary and Ganesh Chaudhary of Chaumala VDC-1, Kailai are husband and wife. Their relationship was not good since last two years. Her husband used to torture her mentally and physically. When, HR activist; Santoshi Chaudhary came to know about this case she suggested Sanita to inform her family situation and police whenever. Now, they are living a happy life.


Women often refuse to report abuses or torturers to concerned authorities due to socio-cultural pressures and norms. In every country where reliable, large-scale studies have been conducted, results indicate that between 16 and 52 percent of women have been assaulted by an intimate partner. Similarly, Sanita was victimized of domestic violence. If she didn’t know that there is law in regard of domestic violence, she would tolerate everything by her husband thinking it as her fate.


With the support from HR activists Santoshi Chaudhary and animator Manisha Buda, Sanita reported her case to the nearby police station. Police summoned both of them and they briefed discussion regarding the violence that she was facing for long. Ganesh admitted his mistakes and promised not to repeat such mistake. Now, they are staying happy together. Their relationship has been better as shared by locals and HR activists and animators of that area.


Sanita was unaware about what her husband was doing. In deed, it was a domestic violence. With the help of HR activists and animators, she reported her situation to the police. This helped her to correct her husband’s behavior and enjoy better family life.