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A Dalit woman is leading her community

Published Date: 08/28/2017


Hira BK, a local of Sahajpur-9, Kailali district got opportunity to involve in social activities as Human Rights activist. Various capacities building trainings about HR laws and policies made everyone to think about CBD&U situation in the community. Even knowing that cast-based discriminations are legally punishable acts Dalit people were afraid of to take up this issue with concerned stakeholders. As a Dalit woman she had been discriminated since her childhood. People used to sprinkle scared water in them after being touched by Dalit community.

But later, she involved in various sensitization activities conducted by the HRAA in her community, which has developed her capacity to raise her voice regarding any inconsistencies in her community. Despite her busy scheduled she reported cases of cast-based discrimination. Now, they have started respecting everyone’s protecting dignity of every person in all condition. Local leader Shanta B.K. says, “They are happy with Hira’s work. She is moderating community people for making their area human right friendly. Most of the people were unaware about cast-based discrimination is a punishable crime. However, after this sensitization program people are afraid to discriminate anyone.”


Discriminatory culture is rife in the society. This has caused complications for Dalit community. Dalit women’s participation is rare in community forums. In this context, involving Dalit women in moderating community and creating a human rights friendly environment is one of the biggest achievements of this program.


Overall activities are targeted towards increasing collective voices to combat caste-based discriminations and untouchability practices. This helps to promote human rights for all. She was encouraged after participating in various human rights related programs. She started working as HR activist in the community. She shared that people used to discriminate Dalit community and they were not allowed to participate in public programs. After various campaigns organized in community, perception of non-Dalit people towards Dalit community has been changed. They are scared to discriminate one in terms of their caste, as they knew that it is punishable by law.


Being a Dalit woman, she had no idea that she can contribute in sensitization of her community. After being involved as HR activists, she got to participate in various programs, which helped her to enhance leadership capacity. This ultimately helped to change people’s perception towards CBSD and rights of Dalit community.