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Delivering justice to domestic violence victim

Published Date: 2073-07-03

Jamuna Chaudhary, a local of Udasipur-4, Kailali, was facing domestic violence. Prem, her husband, used to beat her after consuming alcohol. Further, he used to verbally abuse all community people when anyone tries to protect her.  

Jamuna was facing domestic violence for months but nobody was successful to resolve this problem. Frustrated by domestic violence Jamuna’s daughter, Puspa, approached the VDC alliance and complained about her mothers’ sufferings.  After hearing complaints Manju, a member of Udasipur VDC alliance, informed human rights activists and social mobilizer in their area about this case. They immediately called a gathering of elite group in community “Bhalobansa” (Leader of 60 HH in that area from Tharu community) together with community leaders, concerned parties and discussed over the case.

After having an intensive discussion Prem was found guilty. Accepting his fault he later committed not to repeat such act in the future. They prepared paper quoting that he would not repeat such activities in the coming days. Also, he put a signature into the document agreeing that to face action if mistakes are repeated. “I will be taken to police custody and will face punishment as per law if he repeats past mistakes”, states the letter.

Negotiators in that particular VDC were influential leaders in their community. That’s why with fear of getting boycotted from society and pressure from society, he tends to change his behavior.  He gradually improved his behavior. After alliances’ support Jamuna is now happy. She is thankful to alliance for helping to live a peaceful life.

(Follow up by HRAA after 1 month was conducted where they are living together happily. Initiation of VDC level HRAA was well acknowledged by everyone in community.

Women should not tolerate any form of violence to reform our society and uplift status of women. Violence against women does not only directly affect her mental and physical status but it affects her children, family and entire society. She had been facing lots of problem all day due to that her life was not stable. Her husband tortures her and threatened that if she shares anything with anyone, he would kill her. She felt insecure about her children and was forced to hide her sufferings. With initiation of VDC alliance is living in a better way.

The initial days of her life were challenging, but she never gave up for sake of her children and family status in society. VDC alliance raised the issue and made efforts for justice towards Jamuna that encouraged her and provides her confidence. Now, she is living a violence-free life.

Jamuna is living happy life with initiation from the initiation from VDC alliance. She was always suppressed all the time but with the help of VDC alliances she can move out from the violence she had been facing. The alliance supports everyone in VDC to enjoy all forms of right and protect human right and provides justice if issues were raised and discussed within the community.

The justice was made possible after AAWAZ project was launched in VDCs of Kailali. Local alliances formed under the project helped Jamuna to get justice.

As part of providing better access to justice through advancement of human rights and social justice AAWAZ project has been implemented in 7 VDCs of Kailali district. Launched in December 2015 the project will be continued till May 2018.

Three representatives from each ward in VDCs created greater mass of people to advocate for human rights and CBD&U issues in their areas. Among them 11 representatives were selected as VDC level advocacy alliance.  The alliance is responsible for raising aforementioned issues. Udasipur VDC alliance is very active as compared to other alliances in terms of providing assistance and justice to victims of domestic violence, citizenship, gender-based violence and land misuse related issues.